Portrait of August Black
Hi, I'm August Black. I'm a hybrid practitioner of art, design, and engineering. I like to make experimental spatial and acoustic situations, often creating my own technological artifacts and instruments in hardware and software. My past work focused on live networked audio, mixing FM radio with user input through online software. I'm currently interested in the philosophy of technology, functional programming, alternative web interfaces, and AI/machine learning. More importantly, I'm interested in exploring the expressive capabilities of these various instruments, languages, and architectures.
I've earned a living at various points in time as an artist, producer, graphic designer, software engineer, and educator. I've had the pleasure of working at places like the ORF Kunstradio, the Ars Electronica Futurelab, the UCSB BioImaging Lab, and Cycling '74 - the makers of Max/MSP. As an educator, I've taught media-art classes at UC Santa Barbara, U. of San Francisco, and CU Boulder.
Ultimately, I am a technologist, someone that studies the profound co-evolutionary impact of our own constructions (τέχνη). I earned a doctorate in Media, Arts, & Technology from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and am currently an Assisant Professor at CU Boulder in the department ofCritical Media Practices.